Surrender, expiry and cancellation (GHG)

NOPTA Forms Guidance

The NOPTA Forms Guidance – Greenhouse Gas has been developed as a general guide to assist applicants and titleholders in making valid applications, notifications and nominations.


Application for consent to surrender a greenhouse gas title

Notification of surrender of a greenhouse gas title

Expiry of title

The expiry date of a greenhouse gas title is the day on which it ceases to be in force. The day that a title ceases to be in force will generally be the expiry date specified in the title instrument, but that date may be extended if, for example, the greenhouse gas titleholder has applied for a suspension of conditions and a decision from the responsible Commonwealth Minister is still pending or has applied for renewal of the title.

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Greenhouse gas titles may be cancelled where titleholders are not in compliance with the requirements of the title. Part 3.11 of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 sets out the grounds and process for cancelling greenhouse gas titles.

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