Obtaining a GHG assessment permit

The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (OPGGS Act) provides for three types of greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment permits:

  1. work–bid GHG assessment permit
  2. cash–bid GHG assessment permit
  3. cross–boundary GHG assessment permit

A work–bid GHG assessment permit authorises the GHG titleholder to explore in the permit area for potential GHG storage formations and potential GHG injection sites in Commonwealth offshore areas.

A cross–boundary GHG assessment permit arises from the unification of an existing GHG assessment permit granted under Part 3.2 of the OPGGS Act and an existing and adjacent State/Territory GHG assessment title granted over State/Territory blocks in the coastal waters of a State or the Northern Territory.

Decisions relating to GHG assessment permits are made, through NOPTA, by the responsible Commonwealth Minister or relevant Cross-Boundary Authority

A consolidated GHG assessment permit arises from the unification of two existing and adjacent GHG assessment permits in Commonwealth waters (excluding a cross–boundary GHG assessment permit and a cash-bid GHG assessment permit) that were granted over blocks in the same offshore area under Part 3.2 of the OPGGS Act.

In relation to cash–bid GHG permits, there are currently no cash-bid GHG permits in force.

For more information on acreage release go to industry.gov.au:

Offshore greenhouse gas storage acreage release process

NOPTA Forms Guidance

The NOPTA Forms Guidance – Greenhouse Gas has been developed as a general guide to assist applicants and titleholders in making valid applications, notifications and nominations.


Application for work–bid greenhouse gas assessment permit

Application for a consolidated work–bid greenhouse gas assessment permit

Request for a grant of a greenhouse gas title

Request for longer period for grant of greenhouse gas assessment title

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