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For an application or a request for a variation to an application to be considered validly made, and processing to begin, NOPTA requires:

  • the application or requested variation to be accompanied by any legislatively prescribed documents/information, submitted in the manner approved by NOPTA, as set out in NOPTA’s Approval of Manner of Application’s document, and within any prescribed timeframes.
  • a correctly executed form to be lodged.
  • where an application or variation is required to be in an approved form, the current version of the relevant approved form can be found on the Forms page of this website.
  • the fee to be paid (if an application fee is required).

NOPTA Approval of Manner – 10 May 2023

NOPTA Approval of Manner of Execution of Notices – 5 August 2022

NOPTA Approval of Form – 1 September 2023

NOPSEMA and NOPTA Approval of Form and Manner – 3 November 2022

Please note: The NEATS secure portal cannot be used at this stage for online applications of Acreage release (work-bid exploration permits and cash-bid exploration permits). They are to be submitted in the approved form as outlined in the relevant Gazette Notice.

Email attachments cannot exceed 10MB in size. Where attachments are larger than 10MB NOPTA also uses a single service platform for its secure file transfer to allow clients to send large files securely to NOPTA. Please email for any further assistance with this activity.

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