National Electronic Approvals Tracking System (NEATS)

The National Electronic Approvals Tracking System (NEATS) provides access to publicly available information concerning offshore petroleum titles and applications. NEATS has been designed with the end user in mind and NOPTA hopes that users will find NEATS easy to navigate between the different features.

NEATS aims to deliver a new level of transparency to both industry and the public, as well as a single source of up to date information on offshore petroleum titles and applications.

NEATS includes a public portal and provides access to information held within the title register, application tracking and the electronic lodgment of applications. Titleholders have access to an industry portal for a consolidated view of the titles in which they participate and the lodgment of selected applications and make or advise of fee payments. NOPTA intends to add to the functionality available to industry over time.

Access NEATS at

Key features and functionality

The key features included in NEATS are:

  • the ability to search the title register using a range of criteria
  • the ability to view details of a title, including relevant title instruments
  • a geospatial view of titles providing summary details and interactive maps to identify surrounding titles.

The key features of the customised NEATS Industry Portal are:

  • application tracking and search facilities
  • online fee payment facilities
  • online lodgment of applications
  • industry log-on with roles based user management
  • application tracking in greater detail for applicants
  • company based task lists of applications in progress and actions required
  • the ability to produce reports from the title register using a range of criteria.


The reports below provide a summary of information publicly available through the NEATS website.  Please note these reports may not contain all recent updates to NEATS, for the most current information available access NEATS at

Effective date for reports: 30 June 2017

Report name XLSX CSV
Basic details XLSX 40 kB CSV 50 kB
Titleholders XLSX 51 kB CSV 124 kB
Work program XLSX 130 kB CSV 254 kB
Blocks XLSX 351 kB CSV 1.2 MB