Using the Industry Portal

The Industry Portal is managed through the allocation of six roles, including:

  • administrator
  • read only
  • create
  • edit
  • lodge
  • payer.

Each role offers different levels of access within the Industry Portal. All roles can view a company's titles, current tasks, applications, and payment history. The Industry Portal also allows you to create a range of reports and maintain their own details via the Dashboard.


The administrator role approves and manages the access for all additional users associated with their company (including additional administrators) and has the authority to perform any function in relation to all six roles. A person nominated as an administrator can also be nominated as an administrator for other associated companies. In addition, an administrator can:

  • reset passwords
  • register new companies associated with their companies
  • maintain company details
  • grant differing levels of access to the Industry Portal for their company(s).

Read only

The read only role can view company data, applications, invoices, payments and current tasks.


The create role can create an application on behalf of a company, but not submit the application (see Lodge).


The edit role can modify a company's current application, but not submit the application on behalf of the company (see Lodge).


The lodge role can submit applications on behalf of a company, and respond to requests within the dashboard tasks.


The payer role can respond to a 'make payment' task by lodging a credit card payment or by submitting payment details of a direct deposit or cheque payment.

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