Industry Portal dashboard

Once you have a registered and approved account you can access the dashboard appropriate to your allocated role (see Using the Industry Portal).

You now have access to the four areas outlined below. The data you have access to will be dependent on the role you have been allocated.

Screen shot of the Dashboard sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

Industry Portal Dashboard

My Tasks

By selecting the My Tasks section you can review both the current and completed tasks being:

  • provide additional information
  • assign roles
  • make payment.

The task bar also provides additional information relating to the Title Number/Name, Application Reference, Application Type, the Date Task Raised, and the Task Due Date.

Under the Initiating Task column, you will find additional information relating to the task (e.g. payment information).

Action a task

To action a task, select the relevant item in the 'Action Required' column (eg Make Payment). This will open a separate task related screen (see Payments).

Screen shot of the My Tasks sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

My Tasks

My Applications

By selecting My Applications you can review both current and completed applications. It also allows you to lodge certain applications (see Lodge an Application).

By selecting an application tracking number you can review a summary of the application and the application progress. The application progress in the Industry Portal provides a greater level of detail than the public NEATS website, including (if applicable) a breakdown of time spent with multiple decision makers.

Progress statuses under My Applications include:

  • lodgement screening
  • under assessment
  • consultation
  • further information required
  • NOPTA for decision
  • state Joint Authority for decision
  • Commonwealth Joint Authority for decision
  • offer.

Screen shot of the My Applications sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

My Applications

My Titles

The My Titles section provides an overview of all titles relevant to your company and associated companies, including the title instrument.

By selecting the relevant title number, you will be presented with the Title Summary page from the NEATS Public Portal.

The Title Summary page provides key information relating to a title. This information will vary depending on the title type.

With an exploration permit, for example, you will find specific details on grant and renewal dates, locations and the graticular blocks, titleholder(s) and work program information—as well as a link to the interactive map.

For further information on the NEATS public portal see the range of tutorial videos on NEATS info.

My Payment History

The My Payment History section provides an overview of the past 18 months fees and levies that have been recorded as paid by you and verified by NOPTA.

A history overview is only available when you record the payment in NEATS for direct debit and cheque by responding to a Payment Task. Payments made by credit card will automatically generate a payment record in the My Payment History section.

Once a payment has been verified by NOPTA, the Date Paid and Confirmation No. are updated. A Payment Confirmation (record of payment) is attached to each verified payment action (see Payments).

Screen shot of the My Payment History sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

My Payments

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