Accessing the Industry Portal

The Industry Portal can be accessed through the NEATS website.

Titleholders who are registered with the Industry Portal can access this through the Login link located on the top right of the screen.

New titleholders/company users can register for access to the Industry Portal by clicking the Industry User Registration link.

Screen shot of the Home sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

Login and Industry User Registration (

Industry user registration

Once the Industry User Registration link has been selected, you will need to complete the Create a New Account form.

Screen shot of the Create a New Account sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

Create a new account (

  1. Enter a User Name: this should be between 9–15 alphanumerical characters including a mix of lower case (a–z) and upper case (A–Z) letters. It cannot contain special characters.
  2. Enter your personal and contact details.
  3. From the Company drop-down list, select a company (or companies) you are associated with. The selected companies will appear in the Associated Company box.
  4. Select a security Question from the drop-down list and provide an answer in the field below.
  5. View the Terms and Conditions and select the box to confirm you have read them before selecting the Submit button.
  6. Once you have selected Submit you will receive an email acknowledging your registration.
  7. The Company Administrator for your company will approve your registration, allocate you the appropriate role and the system will email you a temporary password.
    Note: If you have requested access to more than one company, the administrator for each company will need to approve and assign a role for that company before you can access its data.
  8. You will then need to log in to the portal and will be prompted to change your password.
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