NOPTA News Issue 06—April 2014

NOPTA-preferred transmittals

NOPTA has developed a number of transmittal documents (listed below) to streamline the data submission process and to assist in the inclusion of all regulated items. In checklist format, these transmittals enable both titleholder/operator and NOPTA to ensure all required items are provided. Comment fields should be used to explain why particular items—required under regulation—are either not included, or intended to be provided in a later submission.

  • Seismic survey
  • Other—geophysical or geological survey
  • Wells
  • Reprocessed survey

Most titleholders and operators are now using these templates, which not only assist NOPTA in compliance activities, but provide greater clarity in identifying work program commitments and special requirements. Whilst not compulsory, use of these forms is strongly encouraged.

The NOPTA transmittals are available on the Forms webpage.