NOPTA News Issue 06—April 2014

Rig release dates & batch drilling campaigns in production areas

NOPTA understands that where batch drilling is undertaken in relation to well activities in production licenses that the data available to report on the initial drilling stage can be of limited benefit; and may be superseded by more comprehensive information at the completion stage.

To this end, where the drilling program is known or predictable, the second or subsequent rig release date may become the date from which the submission of data under the OPGGSA RMA Regulations is measured. To effectively manage these submissions, on application NOPTA will replace the recorded initial or interim stage rig release date with the date of rig release from final completion activities.

Where however the completion activities are not subsequently undertaken; or are delayed for what might be considered an inordinate period of time, the initial rig release date shall remain the effective date from which submission requirements and later open-file release will be measured.

This interpretation extends to all petroleum mining samples (core, cuttings etc.) required to be submitted under the regulations.

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