NOPTA News Issue 06—April 2014

Repository consolidation

To support the national repository model, NOPTA is undertaking the relocation of offshore petroleum mining samples and (where appropriate) hard copy data from the former Designated Authorities in each state. This program has the dual aims of consolidating the collection of physical samples in the Canberra and Perth repositories; and making the full range of supporting data available through a single point of discovery and delivery.

At this time all data from the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales has been relocated. Hard copy data from Western Australia will be moved to Canberra for consolidation in the next month, whilst the Victorian collection will be relocated during the remainder of 2014. Digitisation of hard copy data will take considerable time and NOPTA and GA are working together to develop a program to complete this in the most cost effective manner and within a reasonable period.