NOPTA News Issue 06—April 2014

Proposed future releases

NOPTA has developed a list of well and survey activities that will be eligible for open-file release over the coming months after the relevant day has passed. A list of proposed releases to the end of June 2014 is available on the Public release of data webpage.

Please note this is a preliminary list based upon release and completion dates presently held by the NOPDCR and NOPTA and is provided as a guide only.

Data will not become available for public release until authorised by NOPTA and actioned by the NOPDCR. The Titles Administrator or his delegate will make a decision on the formal release of data once the relevant day has passed.

Although best endeavours are made in following up on outstanding submissions, NOPTA stresses that for data submitted prior to its establishment on 1 January 2012, no assertions are made concerning the completeness of data submitted to the former Designated Authorities now made available through

Please forward any queries relating to the activities listed for future release to