NOPTA News Issue 06—April 2014

Data quality and compliance activities

In cooperation with the NOPDCR, NOPTA has developed quality control processes for well and survey data. On submission, data is firstly checked for ‘contents compliance’ by NOPTA against the requirements of the OPGGSA (RMA) Regulations. Once considered complete, the data is forward to the NOPDCR (Geoscience Australia), where it is catalogued; loaded on various in-house, specialist systems and tested against agreed quality criteria.

Where data is incomplete, unreadable, corrupted or otherwise fails to meet the quality standard required, NOPTA is notified. NOPTA will then contact the data submitter and request clarification of the deficiency, or resubmission of the data.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure these checks are completed in a timely way, priority checks are made to data either due for open-file release, or data submitted since the establishment of NOPTA on 1 January 2012. Due to the volume of material requiring oversight, there will be instances where data submitted prior to this time will be released incomplete or without being subjected to these checks.

For data submitted or released after 1 January 2012, NOPTA will follow up on identified deficiencies on a case by case basis. Queries regarding the quality of open-file data released prior to NOPTA’s establishment, should be directed to