NOPTA News Issue 05—September 2013


Since it was established on 1 January 2012, NOPTA has been operating under transitional cost recovery arrangements. The transitional Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) provided for the continuation of the same charging structure that existed prior to 1 January 2012 with the Annual Titles Administration (ATA) levy replacing the Annual Fees that were previously in place. It was considered appropriate to keep the ATA levy structure similar to the previous Annual Fee regime in order to minimise confusion to industry and facilitate a smooth hand over during the transition period.

NOPTA has developed a revised Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) expected to take effect 1 November 2013. As part of this process a review of the cost recovery arrangements was undertaken in relation to NOPTA’s operations including the current charging structure and levies imposed under the legislation. The results of this review and an overview of the proposed CRIS is outlined in this newsletter. NOPTA welcomes written submissions to the proposed CRIS. A copy of the full document is now available on the cost recovery and fees page.

Graeme Waters
General Manager, NOPTA