NOPTA News 04—September 2012

NEATS release two

The NEATS website has recently been updated in order to increase the functionality available to industry. Titleholders will soon be able to access an industry portal that will provide a consolidated view of the titles in which they participate and allow titleholders or EVA nominees to lodge key applications and make or advise of fee payments. Over the next few weeks we will be registering the initial users from titleholders who will act as the Administrator for the company in managing future users within their company. Once these users have been identified and received their passwords, other users from within each company can be registered.
The key features of the industry portal are:

  • online fee payment facilities
  • online lodgement of select applications
  • industry log-on with roles based user management
  • application tracking in greater details for applicants
  • company based lists of applications in progress and actions required.

Industry log-on with roles based user management

In order to access the industry portal of NEATS, each titleholder will be required to nominate an individual as an administrator.Once approved by National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA). The administrator will then be responsible for the approval of all further users for their company.

The administrator will approve and manage the access for all future users associated with their company.An administrator has full access to all the company's titles, applications, invoice/payment details and manages user accounts including password resetting, registering of new companies associated with their company and maintaining their company details.

All roles which can be assigned to users allow the user to view a company's titles, current tasks, applications and payment history and allow the user to maintain their own details. Specific roles allow the administrator to grant differing levels of access to the functionality of the industry portal, the roles available are as follows:

  • Administrator role allows the user to grant, edit or delete a role for a user. Edit the details for a user, and reset a user's password. An administrator can also register a new company and maintain a company's details.
  • Read only role allows the user to view a company's data, applications, invoices/payments and current tasks.
  • Create role allows the user to create an application but not lodge (submit) the application on behalf of a company.
  • Edit role allows a user to edit a company's current applications but not lodge (submit) the application on behalf of a company.
  • Lodge role allows the user to lodge (submit) applications on behalf of a company, it also allows the user to respond to requests within the dashboards tasks.
  • Payer role allows the user to respond to a 'make payment' task by lodging a credit card payment or submit payment details of a direct deposit or cheque payment.

Company based lists of applications in progress and action required

A list of company based tasks and applications in progress is available through the company dashboard, allowing authorised users to view applications in progress and any actions required by the company in respect of these applications. The task list provides for the communication by NOPTA of requests for additional information or payment advice and for the company to submit their responses to these requests online through the portal. For an administrator this will also include requests for access by users to their nominated company.

task list on the NEATS

Online fee payment facilities

An online fee payment facility for credit cards is available through the make payment facility under my tasks. NOPTA generates a payment request for an application or annual title levy that an approved user may then action through the portal. The fee may be paid through the portal credit card payment facility or alternatively advice of payment by direct deposit or cheque may be provided against this task.

Application tracking in greater details for applicants

Greater detail to track the progression of applications from submission through to the decision is provided within the Industry Portal. Additional statuses are provided to assist companies in tracking the progress of their application.

Details applicants

Online logdement of applications

Authorised users can now create, edit and lodge (submit) applications on behalf of a company online for the following applications:

  • Approval and registration of transfer of title
  • Approval and registration of dealing
  • Approval and registration of change in name of company
  • Exemption from compliance with condition(s) of title
  • Suspension of condition(s) of title
  • Suspensions of condition(s) of title and extension of term of title
  • Variation of condition(s) of title
  • Work program credit of condition(s) of title.

Supporting documentation in relation to these applications can also be attached. Please note that the application forms are still required to be printed and the particulars of person(s) executing application completed and signed. The signed application is to then be uploaded and added as a document attachment to the application in NEATS prior to submission. Due to current legislative requirements the signed original application should then be submitted to:
Postal address: GPO Box 7871 Perth WA 6850.

How to get access to the NEATS industry portal

Release two is due for completion in September 2012. Instructions for nominating an initial administrator including an application form are available on the forms webpage.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding access to the industry portal.

Future releases

NEATS will continue to develop over time with future releases to further increase functionality. Key areas being considered for future development include reporting functionality and management and lodging of regular reporting. Industry will have the opportunity to provide input into the development of future functionality and information of plans for future functionality will be available on this website.