NOPTA News Issue 04—September 2012


Welcome to the Spring 2012 edition of the NOPTA newsletter.

Over the past 8 months or so, NOPTA has successfully completed the transition phase to the new regulatory environment for titles, and will shortly finalise arrangements for the national management of core, samples and data. The NEATS system has been launched and we are greatly encouraged by the way Industry has embraced it. We are now moving to the next phase of the NEATS development to further expand its functionality for Industry.

Although we have come a long way and in a relatively short time, there is still much to do and I believe that our best is ahead of us. Nevertheless, I would like acknowledge and thank the NOPTA team for all of their individual and collective efforts in getting us to where we are and for their dedication to purpose and for their good humour when it was really tested.

Over the coming months we hope to have finalised our office fit out in Melbourne and moved onto our new ICT arrangements that will enable easy interaction between title holders, operators and NOPTA and further improve our service delivery.

Our focus has been, and will continue to be, on streamlining processes and relieving the regulatory burden on industry. We believe that the advances we have made and have planned are working to fulfil that promise.

Graeme Waters
General Manager, NOPTA

Update to NOPTA forms

We have recently updated many forms from our website. If you have saved commonly used forms to your favourites, it's a good idea to refresh your bookmarks. To view the updated forms, visit our forms web page.