NOPTA News 04—September 2012

Data management

NOPTA has undertaken a review of the management arrangements of offshore petroleum data and mining samples (cores, cuttings, slides, etc) to identify the most cost effective and efficient option for receiving, storing and providing access to these data and samples in the future. The review was conducted in collaboration with Geoscience Australia (GA) and in consultation with state/NT data managers, APPEA and petroleum titleholders.

The primary recommendation from this review is the establishment of a National Offshore Petroleum Data and Core Repository (NOPDCR) operated in collaboration between NOPTA, Geoscience Australia (GA) and the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP).

Under the NOPDCR arrangements Geoscience Australia will coordinate the delivery of open file digital data and access to the open file offshore petroleum samples. To obtain these data contact

In regards to submission of petroleum mining samples GA's Canberra Core Store will remain the storage location of the 1/3 core, one set of cuttings collected and fluid/gas samples. DMP's Core Store in Carlisle, Perth, will become the storage and sampling location for the 2/3 core and one set of cuttings for all offshore jurisdictions. This arrangement and splitting of the samples between the two locations is for risk mitigation management and will provide access to samples on both sides of the continent.

The data and samples currently located in the other state/NT repositories will be consolidated and relocated to either Canberra or Perth as appropriate. To assist in minimising any inconvenience that may be a result of this consolidation the NOPDCR will keep you informed of the relocation program via postings on the data management webpage.

NOPTA preferred data and sample transmittal forms are currently being developed and will be posted on the forms webpage soon.

For more details on data submissions contact the NOPTA Compliance & Operations Support Assistant Manager, Mark Ducksbury on 08 6424 5312.

Data submission summary

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