NOPTA News Issue 02—December 2011


From 1 January 2012, NOPTA assumes responsibility for a range of regulatory and administrative functions for Commonwealth waters that has previously been the responsibility of the Designated Authorities (DAs), that is the state and Northern Territory ministers or their departmental delegates. This includes the collection of annual levies (previously called annual fees), applications and associated application fees.

NOPTA has its headquarters in Perth (collocated with NOPSEMA) and an office in Melbourne.

The obligations on industry will not change, however, the following points have been applied to help guide the transition period:

  • existing applications do NOT need to be re-submitted post 1st January 2012
  • where applications transfer from the DA to NOPTA, the applicant will be notified
  • if you are in any doubt regarding an existing application and wish to know its status, please contact NOPTA.

Transition arrangements for titles administration are well underway. Should you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact NOPTA directly, our contact details are below.

Mr Graeme Waters
General Manager, NOPTA

New offshore petroleum fee and annual levy arrangements

After 1 January 2012, titleholders will start to receive invoices from NOPTA for the Annual Titles Administration (ATA) Levy as the anniversary day on which a title came into force is reached. Payment instructions will be included on the invoice. In addition, application forms are available for submission from 1 January 2012—these also include the relevant payment instructions.

NOPTA payment options will include direct deposit and cheque initially, with credit card payments becoming available early in 2012.

If titleholders have any outstanding annual fee invoices from the DAs (or their departments) that relate to titles with an anniversary day before 31 December 2011, payments should be made to the relevant state or NT Department for these fees.

If payments for an ATA Levy after 1 January 2012 are made incorrectly to the DAs (or their departments), titleholders will be advised of their error, the new payment arrangements, and any action required.

Payment queries can be made directly to