NOPTA News Issue 01—November 2011

Transitional arrangements

Business requirements

In order to establish the business processes of NOPTA, a scoping study has been undertaken by Ernst and Young to identify the current practices of the Designated Authorities in Western Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

This study is informing the development of NOPTA business processes, along with existing protocols and guidelines and further consultation with the Designated Authorities and Geoscience Australia.

Records transfer

In order for NOPTA to assume responsibility for the administration of titles, transfer of existing records held by the Designated Authorities will be occurring ahead of the commencement of NOPTA.

Agreement has been reached with Western Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory on the process and timing for the transfer of titles records and titles registers that will be required by NOPTA.

Discussions have commenced with the other states to reach similar agreements in order to allow operations to commence on 1 January 2012.

Data management

As part of the establishment of NOPTA, changes will be required to the way in which physical and digital data are managed.

Over time the management of hard copy and digital data will be transitioned to a central source managed by Geoscience Australia.

Discussions are underway with the Designated Authorities to ensure all data is retained through this process and that services to industry are maintained during this process. In order to facilitate industry access to physical core and samples, it is proposed to maintain storage facilities in Western Australia and Victoria to provide services to all jurisdictions.

Further information will be provided on data management arrangements as they are finalised.

Transition timeline

The following table outlines the milestones and their expected timeframes.

Milestone Date
Transfer of records from the Das to NOPTA Oct—Dec 2011
CRIS released for consultation Nov 2011
NOPTA industry information sessions 16 & 21 Nov 2011
NEATS information sessions Dec 2011
NOPTA staff commencing Nov—Dec 2011
Transfer of digital and physical data from the Das to NOPTA/GA Nov—Dec 2011