NOPTA News Issue 01—November 2011


NOPTA is being established as a branch of the Resources Division of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET).

NOPTA's key functions will be to provide technical advice to the Joint Authority and administer titles, and data and resource management.

NOPTA's head office will be in Perth, with a regional office in Melbourne. Documents below (see Related documents), is a proposed organisational chart for NOPTA—including both the head office in Perth and the regional office in Melbourne.

NOPTA establishment

Cost recovery arrangements

A draft Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) on cost recovery of operating costs for NOPTA has been prepared.

A CRIS is undertaken to improve the consistency, transparency and accountability of Commonwealth cost recovery arrangements and to promote the efficient allocation of resources.

The CRIS was released for consultation on Friday 28 October 2011.

The deadline for submissions is now closed. The finalised CRIS will be posted online once certified.

Recruitment activities

NOPTA recruitment is almost finalised. Interviews were held in September and appointments currently being made.

Staff have begun taking up roles with NOPTA, and this will continue throughout December 2011.

Commencement of individual staff is reflective of operational needs.

NOPTA Offices


NOPTA's head office in Perth will be located at:

Level 8
Alluvion House
58 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000.

Personnel will be moving in from mid to late January 2012. In the interim, NOPTA staff will be temporarily located on Level 11 with NOPSA.


NOPTA's Melbourne offices will be located at:

Level 1
451 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000.

Personnel will be moving in from mid to late November 2011.

Communication arrangements including telephones / emails etc will be advised once these are finalised.


A National Electronic Approvals Tracking System (NEATS) is being developed by RET.

NEATS will be a public portal (similar to Western Australia’s PGR system). NEATS will provide portal access to industry for the lodgement and tracking of applications. New guidelines will be developed to incorporate the electronic lodgement of applications.

Development of NEATS commenced in August 2011 after a thorough analysis of the functionality and business processes that would need to be supported through the system. A series of three iterations will be undertaken over the coming months in the lead up to the commencement of NOPTA with the system going live from the end of January 2012.

Specific NEATS information sessions are being planned for December 2011 with further details to be released as they become available.

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