Where to find well and survey activity 'open information'

06 February 2018

NOPTA no longer publishes the well and survey activity metadata registers on the NOPTA website. This is to reduce potential for synchronisation errors with the National Offshore Petroleum Information Management System (NOPIMS).

Open information

NOPTA may make 'open information' about a well or survey publicly known at any time under Regulation 8.10 of the RMA Regulations. Open information about a well or survey is defined in Regulation 1.05. It includes the name, location, type or purpose, and other general information relating to the activity being undertaken.

NOPIMS is the register for new well and survey activity metadata captured by NOPTA since 1 January 2012. This information is updated periodically and is provided as a guide only. Any queries, corrections or details of omissions should be directed to data@nopta.gov.au.

The system also displays pre–2012 legacy metadata maintained by Geoscience Australia. Access to always open well and survey metadata and publically released downloadable data is available via the NOPIMS.

For further information about the public release of data, please refer to the ‘public release of data’ page.

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