SPA/AA/SIC guideline update

18 January 2017

The National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA), in collaboration with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DOIIS), has recently completed an update of the Special Prospecting Authorities (SPAs), Access Authorities (AAs) & Scientific Investigation Consents (SICs) guideline (the Guideline).

The Guideline provides information to industry stakeholders around the process for obtaining the authority to conduct seismic surveys and other exploration related operations (excluding drilling a well) in Australian offshore waters. The Guideline was updated to provide greater clarity and be more informative in respect of the current title regime and application processes for SPAs, AAs and SICs. The update of the Guideline is part of a broader NOPTA/ DOIIS led process of reviewing existing offshore petroleum guidelines to ensure clear guidance to stakeholders. No new legislative or policy changes have been introduced in relation to this Guideline update.

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