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NOPTA compliance framework

NOPTA has developed a data compliance program which operates under NOPTA's 'Compliance framework'. Reports and data will be monitored to ensure submissions are received within the mandated timeframes and that content meets the requirements of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Resource Management and Administration) Regulations 2011 (RMA Regulations). Titleholders will be contacted where data is not received, is received late without an approved submission variation in place or is non-compliant with contents and format requirements. Submissions will also be monitored for quality control purposes to ensure the information is fit-for-purpose and a complete representation of the activities undertaken.

NOPTA's 'Compliance and enforcement policy' and the details of NOPTA's 'Annual compliance program' are available on the compliance webpage.

NOPTA prefers submissions (basic and interpretative reports and datasets) to be as complete as possible to assist the quality control process. Titleholders are requested to ensure they adhere to the prescribed requirements for well and survey report and data content, media and format, to avoid the potential need for resubmission.

Titleholder work commitments and reporting

Unless specifically stated in the title grant documents, NOPTA expects that submissions arising from agreed work programs will fully meet the conditions and standards outlined in the RMA regulations. Submissions will be monitored to ensure that all work program requirements are met, including survey reprocessing activities.

Notification of well and survey activities

Titleholders are required to provide advance details of defined well activities (including drilling and well workover programs) under part 5 of the RMA Regulations. This is usually provided as part of the well operations management plan (WOMP) approved by NOPSEMA, the regulator as defined in regulation 5.02. Under regulation 5.28, titleholders are also required to provide a copy of the appropriate documents to NOPTA. WOMPs and other well activity notifications should be forwarded to

Regulation 12.07 outlines the requirement to provide 48 hours notice of the commencement of geophysical or geological surveys. Information to be reported includes the proposed date and time of survey commencement, the anticipated duration of the survey, survey area coordinates and for seismic surveys, the length of streamers to be towed by the survey vessel.

Survey notifications should be forwarded to

Well workover operations

Well workovers are defined in regulation 5.02 as an approved activity under the RMA Regulations and have particular daily and summary reporting requirements.

These requirements are outlined in table 8.2 of the 'Guidelines for reporting and submission of offshore petroleum data' (refer Related documents below).

Further information is available from the 'Guidelines for reporting and submission of offshore petroleum data':