Cost recovery and fees

Cost recovery of NOPTA

NOPTA operates on a full cost recovery basis, funded by industry.

A 'Cost Recovery Implementation Statement' (CRIS) is required in accordance with the Australian Government's cost recovery guidelines to improve the consistency, transparency and accountability of the Australian Government’s cost recovery arrangements and to promote the efficient allocation of resources.

Following consultation with industry, NOPTA’s CRIS has been updated with new levy and fee rates to apply from 1 July 2016.  Changes to levies and fees were last made in November 2013.

The CRIS was approved by the Commonwealth Minister on 26 April 2016.  The regulations have been updated with the commencement date of 1 July 2016. The updated regulations are:

The annual administration levy has been aligned to reflect inasmuch as possible the level of effort required to regulate and administer the different types of titles.

Applications will attract a standard fee of $7,500, representing the average cost of assessing each application type.
The new rates will enable NOPTA to continue to operate on a cost recovery basis, with no further increases anticipated for at least 3 years.

Levies and fees

List of NOPTA levies and fees

Available below is the 'Schedule of fees' (see Related documents) which sets out the fees applicable under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 and related Acts effective as at 1 July 2016.

Application fees—refunds

The application fees payable to NOPTA are statutory fees and NOPTA does not have the flexibility to refund or partially offset these once an application has been validly submitted and/or processing has commenced (depending on which section of the OPGGSA the application is made under).

On the majority of occasions NOPTA commences processing applications as soon as they are received, and as a result, where an application is subsequently withdrawn the application fee is generally not refundable.

How to pay NOPTA fees


Please make cheques out to 'NOPTA—Commonwealth of Australia'. Write your full company name, ABN and name of fee or application fee eg 'Annual Title' or 'suspension' on the back of the cheque and include with your application.

Direct deposit

Account information Details
Bank name Reserve Bank of Australia
Account name Industry Official Administered Receipts Account (RET) Resources
BSB 092-009
Account number 119585
Swift code (international transactions) RSBKAU2S
Reference Please insert the first 3 letters of your company name and first three letters of the application the fee relates to, eg 'SUS' for a suspension application, in the reference field to ensure your payment can be processed. Please also include a copy of the payment transmittal with your application.
Remittance advice

Credit card

Please email NOPTA at to notify us that you wish to pay by credit card. NOPTA will then contact you to complete your transaction once your application has been lodged.

The following transaction fee, inclusive of GST, applies to payments made by credit card:

  • American Express 1.595%
  • MasterCard and Visa 0.462%

Current documents

Document PDF Other
Annual Titles Administration Levy—remittals and refunds policy PDF 426kB DOCX 806 kB
Current Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) 2016–17 PDF 852 kB DOCX 156 kB
Schedule of fees—from 1 July 2016 PDF 646 kB DOCX 43 kB

Previous documents

Document PDF Other
Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) 2015–16 PDF 926 kB DOCX 142 kB
Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) 2015–16—signed and certified by the Secretary PDF 916 kB n/a
Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS)—Nov 2013 PDF 780 kB DOCX 132 kB
Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS)—Nov 2013—signed and certified by the Secretary PDF 4.0 MB n/a
CRIS on the cost recovery of operating expenses for NOPTA, Jan 2012–Oct 2013 PDF 1.6 MB n/a
CRIS on the interim period and establishment costs for NOPTA, Jul 2011 PDF 9.5 MB n/a